Young Adult Orphanage Leavers

Over time, many of the children who were babies when Sunrise became involved in compassion work grew into young adults and were ‘ageing out of the system’. Therefore, in 2014, pilot work began on streaming young adults back into mainstream society.

Initially two young girls from Kunming’s Social Welfare Institution were selected to participate, with a further two young boys expected to be involved in late 2015 from Kunming’s Municipal Child Welfare Institution.

What we do

These young adults, return to institution life from foster care or age out of the Child Welfare Institution and require assessment and additional training and supervision. This requires a level of intense one-to-one support and is especially suited to the help provided by our local volunteers. Participants usually have a physical and/or learning disability. Sunrise aims to provide the opportunity for these young people to be thoroughly assessed, trained in the areas of greatest need and gain experience and knowledge of work and social environments. Streaming looks to increase the participants’ capacities and capabilities in order for them to gain meaningful employment and become an active member of the society.

After our initial trial program, in 2016, we were invited to work with the young people from the Kunming Child Social Welfare Institution who are finishing their education and are looking for employment. Without accommodation, employment and a wage these young people will find themselves in very difficult circumstances where their options for engaging with society are limited. Our aim continues, through our 3 phase plan, to be able to provide social skills, life skills as well as partnering with employers to provide them with opportunities to be active stakeholders in their society.

Many local businesses have shown compassion and an openness to help provide provisional work placements for these young people.

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