Left Behind Children’s Community Centre

In early 2018 Sunrise was approached by the Civil Affairs Department of Kunming to pilot a new project. In partnership with this Government body, Sunrise has had the honour of resourcing of a rural community centre.

In China, a staggering 300million rural adults migrate to find work. Their children can’t access social services in the cities, including education. Therefore, approximately 69million children are ‘left behind’ in rural areas. These children are known as ‘Left Behind Childen’.

The community centre resourced in 2018 is a hub for the left children children in their village and their elderly grandparents.

Working closely with our government partners and the leadership of the village we were able to ascertain that the community centre was specifically in need of an early years play interior for the babies and children.

Sunrise was also invited to host a festival event in the community centre for the older children returning home for the school vacation. We are looking to continue event style involvement with this village and the left behind children there.