Kunming Municipal Child Welfare Institution

Sunrise has partnered with the Kunming Municipal Child Welfare Institution since 1991 providing care for children as well as training and expertise for the staff and workers. Between 1991 and 2004, Sunrise has cared for approximately 3000 babies and trained over 250 workers.

What we do

Sunrise currently supports and manages the Infant Care Room, where babies spend their formative months. Our experienced doctors and nurses attend to each child’s medical needs, and our well-trained workers tirelessly care for the babies around the clock.

In September 2018, Sunrise in collaboration and with the continued support of the Kunming Municipal Child Welfare Institution was able to restructure the existing Infant Care Room into family units.

Each family unit now has 3 carers who will only every look after the babies in their assigned bay; building trust and attachment between carers and babies. At the time of the launch Sunrise was also able to begin weekly sensory events, where all babies and carers attend. Providing the opportunity for the babies to experience senses they wouldn’t normally be familiar with and creating a time for all carers and babies to interact. This weekly program also provides the opportunity to celebrate babies and carers birthdays.


I would like to share a story about one of my colleagues in the infant care room called Long Mei Hua. She is very introverted, usually when we work together, she rarely speaks. However she is very loving and patient to the babies. No matter the child’s physical condition, she always with gentleness and kindness takes care of these children. At work, no matter how other people treat her, she is always tender. I remember there was a baby in our baby room with a serious congenital heart condition. For many of us a child with such a complex condition, with the knowledge that the child would not be with us long, it is hard for us to care without developing attachments to these babies. Long Mei Hua showed compassion to this child, not only did she take care of the child’s daily needs, but also often gave the child mother like care, laughing, talking and playing with the child. The child because of the illness ultimately left us. Long Mei Hua was heartbroken at the loss of such a valuable life.

Wang Da Jie, Head of the Baby Room
September 2016