Goat Rearing Project

In autumn of 2009, in a remote Lisu village in Wuding County, Sunrise piloted our first goat project. Huang Hua, a rural Bai village outside of Dali, was our fourth project to date starting in April of 2015. The success and sustainability of these projects means that expansion into new areas is expected in the future. The participating villagers donate a portion of their profits to support neighbours in need. This project has generated significant and measurable change including an increased sense of society and an average of 3-fold increase in the cash income of the villagers.

What we do

Goat projects, after initial investment, are 100% self-sustainable. Sunrise, through stakeholder engagement, carefully selects the right villages. Once chosen, training is provided by local experts, who have prior experience of Sunrise goat projects. Villagers build goat pens to Sunrise specifications and also begin planting the necessary grasses to feed the livestock. Once satisfied that the goats will be able to thrive in the village environment, Sunrise then transports the goats to the village. Sunrise and local experts continue to support the villagers throughout the first year of the project.

Huang Hua Ping

Having completed the introduction of the project to locals in April 2015 and having had them complete the preparatory stage. Implementation of the project began towards the end of April 2016. After receiving the goats, villagers were trained by Mr. Zhang Chunyang, project coordinator at Huang Hua Ping, in rearing techniques, vaccination, disease prevention and other relevant matters.

"Each and every farmer was extremely glad and grateful to receive the breeding goats. They have charged me time and again to express their gratitude. Therefore, on behalf of all goat farmers in our village, I would like to express our most sincere thanks, and thank everyone working at Sunrise Foundation for your generosity and support."

Huanghuaping Commune, Baishi Township, Yunlong County
May 4, 2016