Sunrise Foundation projects include partnerships with orphanages, special education schools, universities, rural schools, drug rehabilitation centers, and in development projects with rural villages. We strive to have projects that change lives, are sustainable, environmentally friendly, and are sensitive to the cultural, social, and economic needs of the community.

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Past projects

Sunrise in Yunnan is involved in social welfare and community development.

Sunrise projects’ are focused on helping those who find they are unable to help themselves. We cooperate with local agencies and government departments in supporting these vulnerable groups.

Sunrise understands the importance of community cohesion. Community development is a core value embedded in all of our programs.

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Left Behind Children’s Community Centre

Creating a community hub for early years play interior for the babies and children in rural areas.
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Educational Resource Provision

Educational resources to help provide future opportunity for rural children and their villages.
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Goat Rearing Project

Enable self sufficiency and building community support for villagers.
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